Tre Sultna Mågar is Folk Rock Album of the year 2022 according to Lira Music Magazine


Björn Gardner: Tre sultna mågar

The difference between folk pop and folk rock may seem microscopic, but lies in the attitude and the phrasing. A comparison illustrating this difference could be the light acoustic Kolonien, to the deep electric – Björn Gardner. His second album is a passionate, ambitious journey leaving visible trails to 70´s Swedish prog band Träd gräs och stenar, but also to British Folk Rock and Swedish medieval ballads. Encompassing both the heavy psychedelic – and the intimately frail.

Featured in 2022 Summer playlist in Swedish folk, jazz and roots magazine Lira

Quote (Freely translated from Swedish):

“Deep and richly layered folk rock served by singer Björn Gardner, stepping up to take a place as a central participant on the Swedish folk music scene. The album is in essence a pandemic influenced project, which in some ways is hard to believe, fusing overdubs by correspondance through a prolonged creative process. Finally it emerged a winding psychedelic adventure flying us through Brittish folk revival, traditional folk song, medieval balladry and contemporary folk rock with fellow musicians such as Moussa Fadera (The Amazing), Mikael Marin (Väsen) and folk harmonica player Erland Westerström.”


Gäst i Sångarpodden Avsnitt 55: Björn Gardner Folkrockaren

Featured on Swedish podcast Sångarpodden

Foto: Milja Rossi

Ett samtal med Christina Bendz inspelat i Studio One Stockholm.

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