Links to Friends

Edda Magnason, singer, songwriter and actress based in Sweden. Contributed vocals on albums by Lucifers Lovsång and Björn Gardner.

Comics author, artist, film maker Max Andersson, based in Berlin, painted the cover of album “Lucifers Lovsång” released 2019.

Film production company of several award winning films, based in Stockholm Sweden. Friends and associates.

Erland Westerström Swedish Folk Harmonica player, featured on Björn Gardners albums.

Thomas Jansson bass player, composer, recording engineer and sound designer is the producer of Björn Gardners two albums “Sings Ballads and Lullabies” and “Tre Sultna Mågar”. Here is some of his music:

Håkan Jorming, Swedish Singer-songwriter, collaborator and fellow band member ca 2005-2010